Ten best Vastu plants for a home that brings in happiness and wealth

Plants have always been an integral part of our Indian homes – they could be either an inhouse plant or a decorative plant, herb, or medicinal plant. Did you know a few plants are best for Vastu and widely believed that they bring happiness and wealth? The two most important things our human existence is about – health (happiness) and wealth! So, here we are, revealing to you the wonders and positivity these florae bring to your home.

  1. Holy Basil: The name itself bespeaks a lot about the plant. Holy Basil or commonly known as “Tulsi,” is considered sacred and auspicious. This plant is of high importance in the Vastu shastra regarding home plants. Tulsi is a medicinal plant that is a good air purifier. This plant is suggested to be placed in the North or East, or even North-Eastern position of the house. Other than being an air-purifying plant, its leaves help in purifying the digestive and circulatory system.
  2. Lucky Bamboo plant: Lucky Bamboo plant promotes luck and peace and brings in wealth and fame. People generally mistake the dwarfed bamboo plant for the lucky bamboo plant. But you have to pick a yellow-colored bark bamboo plant.
  3. Money plant: Another popularly used plant in the Vastu shastra is the Money plant, also known as Epipremnum aureum. When planted in the house’s north or east direction, the money plant is considered to bring prosperity and wealth. These plants are both indoors and outdoors plants.
  4. Neem tree: Neem tree is said to spread positivity in the house. Like Tulsi, even this tree is considered auspicious, worshipped, and famously known for its medicinal properties. Neem tree is suggested to be placed in the North-West direction of the house. The tree is one of the best air purifying sources. According to Vastu shastra, the air flowing from the neem plant should flow through master bedroom windows as it is considered suitable for health.
  5. Banana tree: Another tree joining the holy wagon is the banana tree. Like Tulsi and Neem tree, even banana tree is worshipped. According to Vastu shastra, this tree is considered one of the most auspicious trees to be placed at home. It is suggested to place the banana plant in the northeast direction of the house.
  6. Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum is a bright yellow flower and symbolizing its color as per Vastu shastra. This plant brings in happiness, brightness, and positivity. This plant is generally gifted to others in the way of blessing. Place the Chrysanthemum plant in the living room.
  7. Plum blossoms: If you are looking for harmony and wealth in your home and believe in Vastu shastra, then Plum blossoms are the right pick. Planting plum blossoms in the north-east or northern side of the house brings positivity.
  8. Citrus plant: According to Vastu shastra, the Citrus plant is also known as Buddha’s hand, promotes luck and happiness. It is strangely known as Buddha’s hand because the plant reminds of Buddha’s upturned fingers while meditating.
  9. Orchid: Orchids are considered an emblem of fertility. And, according to Vastu shastra, they represent perfection, growth, and abundance.
  10. Jasmine: Jasmine, the sweet-smelling flowers and one of the favorite flowers of many Indian homes. These beautiful and fragrant flowers are said to attract positive energy and soothe tired nerves. According to Vastu shastra, it is said to spread in harmony, love, and romance. Jasmine plant, if planted internally, should be facing the south window, and if it is placed outside, then in the north, east, or northeast directions.

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