Amenities one should look for in a gated community

A few decades ago, apartments or storied building concepts were considered a modern concept. These apartments are being built in clusters with many common facilities for their residents, known as Gated community. The gated community is a common term or keyword used by many house buyers or people looking for a rental home. This requirement of a closed community with different facilities has been in high demand for many reasons, including a varied lifestyle, a secured community, a good number of neighbors, a myriad of comfort facilities, and more. Remember the following list of amenities before venturing to search for a home in a gated community.

  1. Location:
    Irrespective of the kind of living space you are looking for, location plays a high priority. A lot depends on the type of location you are placed in. Schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, hospitals, and any other necessities should be within proximity. A life within a gated community with facilities and no essentials within reach would be a more significant challenge.
  2. Security:
    Another critical reason that one invests or shows interest in the gated community is the promised security. So, while searching for a flat in a gated community, one has to see the security level or the level of protection followed in the premises. Like: if there are permissions taken before sending in/allowing a visitor, are they any applications/ notifications sent to the resident about the arrival of an individual, the steps taken to provide uncompromised security, etc.?
  3. Water and power supply:
    It is a well-known fact that water scarcity is everywhere, and some areas go through a rough time during summers. Before selecting a gated community, one has to check the water supply and alternate steps taken in scarcity. In the case of old structures or older communities, they might not follow the concept of green buildings, whereas the new ones should be following to recharge the groundwater. In the case of power supply, the same uninterrupted supply during peak summers can be supplied by solar energy/panels.
  4. Play area:
    With brick-and-mortar buildings everywhere, space/land is scarce for recreation. Kids are the ones who are suffering from little to no ground to spend their playtime. Generally, many gated communities ensure a dedicated play area in any part of the community premises. And, while searching for an apartment, if you have kids in the family, ensure that the gated community has a dedicated play area.
  5. Fitness space/area:
    Fitness area/gymnasium is generally considered a luxury as not many gated communities provide it. But if you are into health and fitness with a liking for a separate space and time to spend your fitness routine, look if the gated community consists of a gym.

Swimming pool, lawn area/jogging park, supermarket, library, etc., are some of the other luxuries or conveniences a few gated communities provide.

A piece of advice: All the facilities provided by the community are shared by your fellow residents too. If the listed amenities, along with a few more, are found in any of the gated communities that you have browsing or searching, make sure you do not miss it!


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