Cutting edge technologies in Indian construction space

The role of technology is very pervasive in every industry. Right from doctor’s consultation to shopping to loans to virtual tours, an individual can do everything daily with technology. Although the real estate industry has adapted to this rapid urbanization and high-end technology solutions, a more significant chunk of companies is still new to this idea and revision. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Analytics are the fastest approaching technologies in the real estate sector and application of which brings in better productivity. The following cutting-edge technologies are operated in the Indian construction space:

  1. Mobile technology: The first segment of technology that is reached every corner of the nation is mobile technology. Earlier it was a medium to connect for talking or chatting. Now, applications are available that give you the flexibility to work in construction, like tracking real-time development, access the site location from anywhere, multi-task or work on multiple projects, and share the project’s updated or simultaneous status.
  2. Drones: One of the emerging technologies in construction is drones. They are widely used in construction site surveys. These drones help in conducting aerial surveys using high-resolution cameras. One can take volume measurements from the information collected through these cameras can be developed into interactive 3D or topographical maps and models. The drones can also help reach out to places that are hard to inspect, like tall buildings or around bridges or dense areas.
  3. Building Information Monitoring (BIM): We have long heard about CAD (Computer-Aided Design), a software used to create a building model. Now, it is the phase of the Building Information Model (BIM). This software is used to create a 3D design and digitally project the construction/building model.
  4. Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality and Wearables is again the fast-moving latest technology where many use it for playing games or getting an experience of a place. But virtual reality is now used in the construction space tagged along with BIM. Once the building model is created, you can get a walk through or a virtual experience of how the building or construction is using virtual reality. This helps in a big way, as the client will better understand the project’s look and feel, and the discussion or changes can happen in the initial stages of the building construction.
  5. 3D Printing: This technology is slowly catching up with India’s construction space. L&T first introduced the 3D concrete painting in Kanchipuram. The idea behind 3D printing is to save a lot of time and material waste production costs that will bring considerable benefits to the sector.
  6. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is pervasively used on the job site with robotics’ help to perform tasks like bricklaying. With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, Indian construction space is benefiting as the autonomous tasks are now performed with automated equipment and lesser human interaction. AI has helped in increasing safety, improved workflows, and getting jobs done comparatively faster.

Wrap note: As technology changes, the practical applications in the sector also keep changing, and this the way future projects will be completed.

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